What is this?

osu!Skills is an unofficial system of rating player results based on actual skills used when playing. It's intended to show strengths and weaknesses of players by using separate Skill Points.
Players also receive a title (or multiple titles) showing their best skills.
Additionally there are global and country rankings per skill and you can compare 2 players side-by-side on the Versus page.

  • Stamina - Tapping stamina
  • Tenacity - Streaming
  • Agility - Raw Aim
  • Precision - Ability to hit small circles
  • Reaction - Sight-reading
  • Reading - Aim related map reading
  • Memory - Flashlight performance
  • Accuracy - Rhythmic accuracy

The project is in Beta stage, thus not all features are implemented yet.
Don't hesitate to check the FAQ page if you have any questions.
If you found a bug or you have any suggestions, contact us in our official osu! forum thread.